Uniform Requirements


General Guidelines
All students will arrive on campus in uniform and stay in uniform until they leave for the day. Parents and students are expected to know and follow the uniform policy.

Team/activity/spirit wear clothing must be approved by the school administration before being worn as part of the uniform.

Purchase of Uniform Items
The Charter Academy strongly recommends that uniform items be purchased from an approved vendor.  Uniform items are available and can be screen-printed and/or embroidered at Dennis Uniforms, Embroidered Corporate Image, Powell Ink, and Underground Expressions.  Items may also be found at Land’s End, JC Penney, and Sears.  Since all of these outlets sell many items that are not in compliance with the Academy’s uniform policy, be sure the items you buy have been approved as uniform items.  Employees at these stores can assist you to make sure the items you are purchasing conform to the policy.

The school office has a list of approved uniform items, complete with product numbers.  Please check the official list before making any purchases.  The school is not responsible for clothing items purchased that do not meet the requirements as defined and explained in the uniform policy. 

There will be periodic uniform sales at the school.  Contact the school office for information.

Commentary on the Expectations of the Uniform Policy
School uniforms are an important facet of our school culture and an integral part of our mission and purpose. A distinctive uniform is a unifying factor within our school community and underscores the Academy’s seriousness of purpose by encouraging students to think of their attire as an aspect of their work.  In addition, neatness and modesty are important aspects of the Charter school environment.  The Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy is a college preparatory school, and we want our students to distinguish themselves by their academic performance, their citizenship, their behavior, and their attitude and effort on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, we strive to eliminate the self-consciousness and social competition which popular fashion trends tend to promote. 

Clothing or accessories that are worn with the obvious intent of being different or unique are not in keeping with the purpose of the uniform policy. 

Test for Appropriateness
If you were part of a group of students walking through the commons during the school day, would something about your dress or physical appearance draw attention to yourself? If so, you would be considered in violation of the Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy uniform policy.

Uniform Violations
It is the responsibility of each student to be in uniform while on campus. Students who are out of uniform will not be allowed to remain in classes until the violations are corrected.  It is the family’s responsibility to provide proper uniform attire for any child out of uniform while at school.  The school does not provide uniform clothing.  Students who miss class to correct a uniform violation will receive an unexcused tardy or absence.

Students with repeated uniform violations will be referred to the vice principal for disciplinary action.

Specific Uniform Requirements

Tan or navy blue cotton dress slacks must fit correctly and be worn appropriately.  They must be long enough to touch the shoe, but must not touch the ground.  Pants with sewn cuffs are allowed.  The following are violations of the uniform policy:

  • Excessively tight or baggy pants
  • Pants made of stretch fabrics
  • Capris, bellbottoms, or pants with pegged ankles
  • Sewn-on pockets; cargo pant pockets; decorative zippers; snaps or rivets
  • Stitching of a color other than the color of the pants

Tan or navy blue walking shorts may be worn by either male or female students. Shorts may not fall below the middle of the knee or be shorter than one hand’s width above the knee.  All other standards for shorts are the same as those for long pants.

Tan, navy blue, or school plaid skirts may be worn by female students.  Skirts must reach at least the TOP OF THE KNEE when standing.  If a skirt extends below the knee it may have a slit that goes no higher than the knee.  Skorts may be worn as long they meet the color and length requirements for skirts.


  • Solid white undershirts may show at the neck.
  • Undergarments must not be visible, with the exception of undershirts showing at the neckline.
  • Long-sleeved shirts may not be worn under short-sleeved shirts, even if the same color.

Turtleneck or short / long sleeved, collared polo shirts may be worn by either male or female students.

The following are requirements for uniform shirts:

  • Polo shirts must be red, navy blue, hunter green, or white.
  • The approved Academy logo must be silk-screened or embroidered on the upper left chest of polo shirts.
  • Students may wear long or short-sleeved white oxford dress shirts.  Oxford shirts do not require an Academy logo. Oxford shirts must be tucked in.
  • Students may wear a tie and properly fitting, solid-color sport coat with oxford shirts.  Ties and sport coats may not be worn with polo shirts. 
  • Shirts with buttons must be buttoned in such a way as to maintain neatness and modesty.
  • Shirts must be long enough so the midriff or back is not exposed while seated or during other normal school activities.
  • Female students may wear plain white blouses that button in such a way as to maintain neatness and modesty.
  • Shirts that extend below the side pockets must be tucked in.
  • Shirts worn under sweatshirts or other outerwear must be tucked in and may not be visible other than at the neckline.


  • Flip-flops and slippers are not appropriate footwear at school and will not be allowed.
  • Some classes require closed-toes shoes for safety reasons.  This rule is applied at teacher discretion.
  • Knee socks and tights must be a solid uniform color (red, navy blue, hunter green, or white), black, or skin toned.
  • Students may wear traditional snow boots and flat-soled suede winter boots under the following conditions:            
    • They may be worn with a skirt. If worn with a skirt, they must be worn with uniform-compliant tights.
    • The boots must be solid black, brown, or tan.
    • They may be worn over slacks.
    • No spike heels, decorations (eg. Buckles, tassles), fashion stitching, or baggy fabric.
    • They must fall below the knee.
    • Boots that do not meet the stated criteria must be covered by slacks at all times while on campus.


  • Jewelry must pass the “Test for Appropriateness” explained above.
  • Belts must be worn inside the belt loops and not hang down below the waistline.
  • Neck scarves and hats, including hoods, may not be worn in the school buildings and must be removed immediately upon entering the school.


  • Hair must be a natural hair color, worn neatly, and in such a style that passes the “Test for Appropriateness” explained above.
  • Hair ribbons, pins, bands, etc. must pass the “Test for Appropriateness” explained above.


  • Only outerwear approved as school uniform items may be worn in classrooms.
  • Hooded sweatshirts, including pullover sweatshirts or sweatshirts with zippers, are not approved uniform items and may not be worn during the school day (lunch period included). The only exception will be during P.E. when the class takes place outside.    
  • Non-uniform outerwear should be left in lockers during the school day, with the exception of lunch time for students going outside in colder weather.
  • Fleece vests and fleece jackets may be red, navy blue, white, or hunter green with piping in black or of the same color as the garment.  Vests and jackets may have, but are not required to have the approved Academy logo sewn or embroidered the upper left chest.
  • V-neck sweaters, sweater vests, and cardigan (button up) sweaters must be worn as outerwear, over a Charter polo or other uniform shirt.  They may be navy blue, white, hunter green, or red.  These items may have, but are not required to have an approved Academy logo sewn, embroidered or silk-screened on the upper left chest.
  • Sweatshirts must have the academy logo on the upper left chest, or a large Academy logo silk-screened in the center of the chest, or other approved designs/logos.
  • Pea coats in black or navy blue, that are hoodless, may be worn at school.  Pea coats do not need an Academy logo.
  • Approved letter jackets, may be worn as uniform outerwear (must be worn as outerwear, over a Charter polo or other uniform shirt). 
  • Approved ‘spirit wear’ may be worn as part of the uniform.
  • Any logos, designs, or words, other than the Charter Academy logo, or those on approved team and spirit wear are not allowed on uniform attire.
  • Team warm-ups will not be allowed as uniform items for the school day.

PE Shirt: 

  • Short or Long Sleeve
  • Color: Athletic Grey with new Navy logo.  
  • Logo is approximately 8.5 inches on center front.  Logo is in NAVY. Box in logo under Panthers is solid white.

PE Shorts:

  • Color: Navy with white colorblock (stripe), prefer SportTec by Port Authority (T-479 and Y-T-479)  or if not doable navy mesh (with liner) basketball shorts.
  • Logo is aproximately four inches on lower left thigh in white.  Box in logo under Panthers is solid white.


  • Color-grey, crew neck only, with navy T-shirt logo center front (apx. 8.5") box on logo under Panthers is an outline only.


  • Color: navy, with white shorts logo on left thigh in white (apx. 4") box in logo under Panthers is solid white.


  • Performance attire, as defined by the teacher and approved by the administration, may be worn on concert days.
  • Clothing for special class projects, as defined by the teacher, may be worn on the day of the event.


  • Uniform – having the same appearance as others of the same group; conforming to a given standard; being or looking the same; consistent in appearance.
  • Outerwear – coats, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, vests.
  • Oxford Shirt – a long or short-sleeved shirt with buttons up the front all the way to the collar.

Uniform Vendors:

  • Dennis Uniforms - 509.747.2851 (School Code ZSC025)
  • Embroidered Corporate Image - 208.772.4044 - $5.00 Embroidery
  • JC Penney 800.222.6161
  • Land's End 800-741-6311 (School code 9000-7796-7)
  • Powell Ink 208-699-2022 www.powellink.com or jonika@PowellInk.com
  • Sears 208.772.1352
  • French Toast - informaton coming soon!
  • Underground Expressions 208.664.4763 (Located in the Sports Cellar on Sherman)
    Screen Printing
  • Embroidered sew-on patches for sale in the office for $5.00.


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