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The academic team competes in a quiz bowl format against other area schools. Team meetings are during Study lab.  If you are on the team, your study lab will be changed to Mr. Gabrielsen.  You will not have this time available as Study Lab.  Although almost all students can play, only the best will earn a spot on the varsity team. Our season stretches from early October to late March. Our first games are played in the Inland Empire Academic League, which consists of schools from Eastern Washington and North Idaho. We have five regional meets between November and February. The next series of games is the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Scholastic Tournament. We begin with practice meets among North Idaho teams and continue with the North Idaho regional tournament in early March. If we qualify, we then take part in the state tournament in Boise at the end of March. Only the varsity team participates in the tournament. The team practices throughout the season. Meets are almost always held on Mondays from 3:30-6:30. Varsity players will miss classes for the regional and state tournaments. The team is only open to high school students.

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In the News 2012-13 - Academic Team Has a Very Successful Year!

The Academic Team had a very successful year.  They swept all the individual awards at the NIC Math competition in November and they won the team event as well.  Individual winners in the ‘Junior’ division were Leif Fredericks (1st), Jaeger Zollman (2nd), and Alyssa Lyn Fortier (3rd).  The senior division winners were Michael Harlan (1st), Ryan Bushling (2nd) and Bryan Smith (3rd).  Michael was also the overall winner.  Kyle Roth was a valuable addition to the team victory.

Then, between the months of December and February, the team competed in the Inland Empire Knowledge Bowl.  This is a team-jeopardy style event where our teams went up against the best and brightest from 35 other schools from all across the Inland Northwest (from Colville and Moscow/Pullman, to Spokane and North Idaho).  Our school is one of the smallest in the competition, yet we bring the most teams - a testament to the academic focus of our school.  Our varsity team of Leif Fredericks, Michael Harlan, Alyssa Lynn Fortier, and Steven Baxter finished in 1st place!  Our JV-1 team of Elena Johnson, Amanda Johnston, Ben Rhuman, and Louis Pennings also finished 1st in their division!

In February, we brought two teams to the Inland Northwest Regional Science Bowl.  These teams competed for almost 7 hours in a tournament of over 50 teams from the Inland Northwest. The team of Matt MacKinney, Steven Baxter, Ben Rhuman, Brandon Ratcliff, and Cameron Roth came in 6th place and the team of Leif Fredericks, Kyle Roth, Alyssa Lyn Fortier, Michael Harlan, and Jaeger Zollman finished in 2nd place after a close-loss to Pullman.  

For the first time ever, we formed two teams to participate in the History Bowl.  This tournament was held at Mt. Spokane High School.  Although our teams did very well, we were unfamiliar with the tournament style and there were several significant issues that developed which led to a disappointing finish.  In the end, it was a good experience for the team.  Participants included Matt MacKinney, Steven Baxter, Jag Ashtiani, Sarah Marchese, Elena Johnson, Emma McCormick, Jake Alderink, and Logan Shevalier.  Jag also finished first place in an individual tournament known as the History Bee.  Well done!

We hosted the AMC 10/12 Mathematics Test in February as well.  Approximately 20 Charter high school students took this test from the American Mathematics Association.  In the 11/12 division Michael Harlan, Brandon Ratcliff, and Kyle Roth finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, respectively, and Michael’s score was high enough to advance to the 2nd round of competition - a feat rarely achieved by a Charter student.  In the 9/10 division, Ryan Harris, Jaeger Zollman, and Adam Odell finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd, respectively.  Good job to everyone!

Finally, the team of Leif Fredericks, Kyle Roth, Brandon Ratcliff, Michael Harlan, Alyssa Lyn Fortier, and Jaeger Zollman went to Moscow, Idaho to compete in the TEAMs competition of engineering skills.  In this event, there are two written tests of problem solving and mathematical reasoning related to engineering.  The first test was multiple choice and the second part was essay.  This team finished in first place on the multiple choice, and we are awaiting the results from the essay portion for our State/National ranking.  Congratulations!

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